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We are a unique innovative organisation that aims to restore the past, enhance the present and build the future of GB athletics to put the “MORE GREATS” back into GB Athletics.
With the support from Rio Ferdinand Foundation (RFF), Sporting Equals, England Athletics, and Metropolitan Police, as strategic partners, we are spearheading a radical revolutionary program of change to deliver Athletics at Grassroots, Junior and senior level.

GMax aims create a direct route for ALL young people to acquire the fundamentals of athletics excellence, sportsmanship and teamwork by creating an inspiring mix of Social and Athletic opportunities and an inclusive learning-friendly environment.

All athletes are focused on supporting sports to improve their systems of performance development through the following three work areas:

  • Providing thought-provoking, learning opportunities to develop athletes through bespoke Masterclass workshops covering subjects unique to the ‘elite developing athlete’ i.e. talent profiling, tracking, and grading athletes throughout junior to senior transitions.

  • Permitting sports to benchmark their performance development pathways against the world’s best using diagnostic tools.

  • Applying technical frontline solutions in partnership with sports to identify and develop talented athletes.


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Gmax Trackstars athletics academy scholarship program

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Training Programs

Train, learn new skills, and meet new friends



Our coaches can work with semi-pro or professional teams or competing individuals to deliver speed solutions that will elevate your game with great success.


GMAX Juniors

Youth sports program with emphasizes on inclusive participation, fun, skill development, sportsmanship, and safety.


Sport Camps

Gmax Camps are multi-activity camps which run during the school holidays. Our camps are open to kids aged 8 – 14 years and are run by our qualified coaches.

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Yoga Routine

Yoga classes to help with better mental well-being and also better control of your stress. Open to all age groups.


"Gmax has helped me with developing myself and the other coaches Mark leadership is great and flexible And Gmax is great for the future because is developing people mentally and physically getting kids out of their comfort zone."
Gmax Coach
"Gmax Trackstars has helped me highlight the best parts of myself and has brought out a new confidence in my abilities. Gmax is for the future because it provides a warming safe space for young people to receive support and encouragement for their potential through physical progress"
John Bada
Junior Coach
Gmax Academy
Gmax Trackstars Athletics
GMax will help you build on those all-important components of speed on our “playground to podium” program. We aim to make sure that you are happy and able to learn in a relaxing but determined environment.
Scholarship Program
Academy Scholarship Program
The program allows students/athletes to combine their academic studies and athletics development over a two-year program led by performance coaches. The education options include NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity Certificate/Extended Diploma