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We volunteer and work together as a family. We recognize our strengths and weaknesses and work as a team to stand strong together. We would love you to be part of our family. It’s not about what you can do for us, it’s about being part of something amazing, something passionate, something that will create a buzz in the world of sports. Join Team

Meet the Gmaxtrackstars Family 

Mark Lancaster

CEO | Most Chilled Person

Darren Murray

UX/UI & Project Manager

Finlay Addison

Graphic Design | Project Lead


App Manager 

Ellie Rolfe

Content Writer | Producer

Ryan Fernandes

Web Designer/Developer


Upcoming producer


Website Content Writer


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Join THe Team

Here at Gmaxtrackstars we believe in career growth we offer a wide range of volunteer and trustee roles find out more today. 



Get business skills? Let’s put them to use by volunteering at Gmax. Grow your skills while helping Gmax grow and reach everyone who dreams of being an athlete


Creative & Dev

Creative? Think outside the box? Want to build something? Be a part of the creative team. We would love to see and work with you to bring your ideas to life