Gmax coach receive generous donation from school

Gmax coaches’ partnerships with the individual schools to whom they are offering their expert
services to, has long been expressed to them as an opportunity for growth; the chance to form real
relationships with school personnel so the coaches may reciprocate some of the generosity they are
offering. This initiative of Gmax has been embraced by St William of York Primary school.
John Bada, a Gmax supervising coach, when he is not working with St William of York, helping their
young prospective athletes achieve their maximum potential, is a member of the Victory Youth
Group (VYG). VYG is a community group, a part of the wider Universal Church of the Kingdom of
God. VYG aim to help youths abandon their unproductive time spent on the streets in place of them
developing confidence, forming healthy friendships and aspiring for greatness.
For Christmas 2021, UCKG’s Help Centre has been fundraising for one of their projects – 5Alive! The
project wants to help the vulnerable and frighteningly helpless, stay alive! John had been “spreading
the word” to St William of York’s head teacher, Mrs Sharon Lynch.
Mrs Lynch loved the idea. She gathered the school’s entire grocery storage and handed it to John for
donation to his local church branch and their soup kitchen, who maintain a food bank for homeless
people. The generosity was tremendous ; it took John 3 different trips to take all the bags full of
food. Despite being an athletics coach, John confessed to having broken a sweat.