“Imagining things before they happen is powerful because you only attract what you can imagine”

Tommie Edwards is the Founder and Chief Executive at Tedbree. She is an award-winning serial Tech entrepreneur, a G20 delegate for the United Kingdom, and was recently named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in Tech UK by Financial Times and Inclusive Boards.

Her company Tedbree is a tech company leveraging technology to create innovative digital solutions, educate the next generation of talents on Digital skills; and digitally transforming forward-thinking businesses to increase their productivity and bottom line.

Under her leadership, Tedbree has pushed boundaries with a series of innovative Tech software such as their SaaS platform BREE  ( Madewithbree.io  – An all in one SaaS platform to create Online stores, website, sales funnel with drag and drop CMS and CRM); Eventbree; Breeview.io and the recent project TedbreeHub.

Tommie believes creativity is global and she’s passionate about helping young people build the skills needed for tomorrow’s economy. Through the Tedbree Academy and Tedbree Foundation, Tommie aims to train 5,000 young talents from all around the world on In-demand Tech and Marketing skills over the next 5 years.

Tommie speaks regularly, values collaboration, enjoys discussing inclusivity in the global digital tech ecosystem and have been featured in numerous magazines and articles including Forbes and director magazine.

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