Confronting fear of self-confidence, new Gmax coach speaks of experience so far

I spoke with one of the coaches of GMAX, Wherlyn, on his experience on coaching the young kids. Coaching to Wheryln means to help others and someone who tells the kids what they do not want to hear in a respectful way. This only occurs if they are not following the coaches’ rules. By doing this it makes them more disciplined. The schools he’s coached at are Deptford Park Primary School and other schools in Lewisham. Teaching the kids was not hard for Wherlyn as he understood the basics and looked at them as his own children. He addressed that teaching kids takes a lot of courage which includes having confidence in himself, which he thought he never had. You would also need a voice of authority which symbolises to the kids who the teacher is. Overall teaching the young kids was intense due to the fact that the kids are young and hyperactive, however he used it to his advantage by getting them all engaged. At the end of the day, you have to remember they look up to him as a role model.

The session that Wherlyn did was focusing on running, jumping and throwing to implement them in games. For example, he had a game called corners where if he points his finger at a corner they had to run as fast as they could whilst doing high knees. The kids love it so much he nearly loses track of time!

Wheryln’s experience at Gmax has been a rollercoaster which has been fun but scary at the same time for him. He has learnt a lot from Mark, the CEO of GMAX, him not realising he appreciates everything he has done for him.

Eugene Kwaw