One Gmax coach’s coaching method

Ronny, one of the coaches at Gmax, coached at Adamsrill Primary school and St Joseph’s Catholic primary school. Coaching to Ronny means using his knowledge, experience and personality to try and help an individual achieve their desired goal. Teaching school kids at the school was refreshing for Ronny and insightful due to the fact that they respect him and are very eager to work with him which is expected from young kids at primary schools.

Ronny did some reaction sessions which enabled the kids to be quite competitive during the sessions. It is essential for coaches to make it fun and competitive, in that way the young kids can be more engaged with each other and with the coach himself. He tried to make it less logical and more practical as they are only kids, they would want to move about more rather than learning logically. They will tend to learn more that way.

Eugene Kwaw